Jack & the jollybeans – Posterdrop.

Animation, Film, Photoshop, Projectionmapping

Our latest animated project is an adaptation of the classic fairytale Jack and the beanstalk. The film is a part of a larger projectionmapping project in school and for our final showing it will be projected onto a miniature set which I built in my studio. We won’t be releasing the film just yet since we want to see if we can get it selected for the 2018 Pixel filmfestival, but I’ll be posting a video of our set and some of the projections soon. Until then I wanted to share the poster which I created for our film. You can follow the entire process on our instagram sketchbook found here.


Got graffiti?

Photography, Photoshop

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I’m happy to finally add the edited shots I took at the old dairy factory about a week ago. This place was built in the 60’s and the building is gorgeous. It’s got a basement (now flooded), a main floor and a second floor. The building is huge, but every inch is covered in graffiti which has been building up for years. There are obviously people living there since the floor was covered in poop, both fresh and stale. As we snuck around the floors, making nothing but shuttersounds we heard footsteps (there’s glass everywhere) and loud breathing, quite creepy since you don’t really know who’s making those sounds. But judging from the traces people left there it ain’t Jehovah’s witnesses living in there. Amazing spot to say the least, both in and outside.

3 days of drinks, drugs and death – The making of Daydrinkers.


Our latest assignment in our video production course threw us into a world of wonders. The brief was simple enough:

“Create a short film with a running time of approximately 5 minutes. No spoken dialogue, parallel cutting, a varied cinematic language and a classic story-arc.”

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For this we had 3 days. Day one was spent on a screenplay and storyboard. Day two the actual shoot and the final day in the editing room. We basically knew that we had a bar to shoot in, a sexy lounge and of course the old but never boring streets of Gåsebäck. We also knew we wanted to run somebody over – and have a great partymontage. The key to our story came with the handcuffs and while some of you might think of police and robbers, the first thing that came to mind here was a escort with a kink.

While the story was lost on some when we showed it in class today, most agreed that you could pretty much smell the fumes coming through the screen. No matter what, we worked our asses off and managed to create a cute story with some really nice shots in just 3 days. And that counts for something. Here’s our flick.

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