Gåsebäck gets its own beer! (And it’s way limited)

Illustrator, Photoshop

It must have been several years ago since Micke Hagström first coined the name for an imaginary beer with connections to my favourite spot in town called Gåsebäck. This is the place where we shot our webseries Fredagsmys, and beer was a big piece of that puzzle. We tried to push a bit for it but nothing really happened. It stayed an unrealized dream for a while longer.

During the performance-art spectacle “En safari i smutsen” I sent out invites in beerbottles labeled “Gåsebärs” (Goosebrew) which had to be smashed in order to get the invite out.

Recently I came into contact with a local brewery thanks to a friend with good ears. She mentioned the idea to Helsingborgs Benchwarmers Brewing Co and they gave me the chance to come up with the design. Quickly I might add. The beer is a citra hop IPA, and I wanted to incorporate that into the colors of the design. I didn’t want to go down the obvious route and put a big goose on the lable (Gåsebäck roughly translates to “Gooscreek”). Instead I wanted to mirror the underground art and culture which resides in Gåsebäck. The area sometimes gives me the occasional DDR-vibes, so I tried to remember how some of the German beerbottles in my grandpas basement used to look.

I used Adobe Dimension to create a mockup for the ad and went all in with ice, splashes and condensation.

The beer will only be available during a local festival at Gåsebäck 14th – 16th of June. It’s a limited edition of 300 cans, after that, they’re gone. Designing a beerlabel has been on my bucketlist for quite some time now and even if this one doesn’t hit the stores, I’ve got a feeling the next one just might. Let’s just say this put something in motion…

This cheesy poster will hopefully get the festivalgoers thirsty enough to try it out.

Thanks for staying with me, and a big thank you to RAW Print & Design for making this happen on such short notice!

Early morning citylife.

Photography, Photoshop

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I had a meeting in town this morning so I thought I’d take the chance to get some photos of town before everything’s up and running. You know it’s summer when regular people are out smoking and drinking at 9 a.m.

Dutzie the drunk – All you need is beer.

Animation, Film, Illustration

For our lip sync assignment we had to record some audio to begin with. We were told to ask random people the question; “What is love?” After picking out the best answer we were told to listen to the audio, and listen hard.

“What type of animal does the voice you recorded sound like and where is it?”

After asking Christian Andersen we knew it was going to head in a somewhat darker direction. A rabbit-like creature, trying to look real mean and hard, but with a inside of melted fudge just waiting to pour out of that thin, tired shell of a body. Dutzie was born.


This was the first sketch made on the train home from school.

Obviously Dutzie was in a bar throwing back some nice crispy (lukewarm and stale) brew – through a straw. Since he is trying so hard – but still is quite helpless and small. We added the fly since, (as always) something must die. Blood must be spilled. The fly also gave us a reason to play around a bit more with Dutzie’s eyes and the audio (the buzzing of the fly in relation to the microphone in the film).

Instead of eye-brows we used whiskers and ears because a true oddball needs to have big dumb eyes and nothing around the eyes, but wrinkles. And eyes. So much eyes. Eyes eyes and eyes. Oddball – Eyeball. This is science at it’s finest. We spent a whole day on lip syncing using about 12 different sets of mouths – and another 5 days just adding life to the character and the surroundings.


This was the first time for both Amanda and me working with Adobe Animate (or any type of animation for that matter) so I’m sure we could have gone a bit faster on a relatively small animation like this – if it wasn’t for the fact that we figured every single step out as we went along. This tutorial was amazing.

We fell in love with Dutzie – so we even printed T-shirts. And others seemed to like him too. This animation landed us a music video job we’ll be working on over the summer together. So stay tuned, because we’re not done yet.