Yolo is the new black

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This was a fun photographybased assignment we got in class. We had to choose a theme and put the fashionexpression “is the new black” after it. The point was to tell a story using five images. I decided right away that I wanted to see a bit of moral decline in my shots, so going with “YOLO is the new black” allowed me to create a fictional character with nothing left to loose. After getting my shots, I manipulated the photos to make them look like filmstills. My thoughts on the matter were:

Swedish B-film shot on 35mm film – poorly stored and handled – transferred to VHS – copied onto another VHS – dubbed in Spanish – watched one to many times.

I didn’t want to give away the plot from the start, so the only hint in the barphoto is on the folder with the red and yellow logo, which is designed to look like something you get from a hospital. Jump to an armed robbery and the same girl with a big smile on her face. In the photo with the bucketlist, the front of the folder is shown (with the same logo) again, and the headline reads “So you’re gonna die?“. On the list, “Rob a store” has been crossed out, while the next line reads “Have kinky sex with the neighbour in 4A“. The final image speaks for itself here I guess.

I’m very pleased with how these images turned out since I put a great deal of time into planning how to set up lights and which props to use. The money flying around as the girl runs out of the store was shot in a DIY-lighttent and masked out one by one.

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