Efter flykten

I created the artwork featured in the educational film “Efter flykten”. The film serves as a visual aid and introduction for immigrants arriving in Sweden. The film is part documentary, part fiction and the fictional part features a photograper / artist who has been processing his trauma and new experiences by creating art. The team behind the film were really open and fun to work with and after creating a pretty extensive pitch I got going.

Parts of the pitch I created to visualize the ideas and thoguhts I had for the artwork.

I worked closely with photographer and friend Sarah Perfekt and created 70 x 100 cm mixed media posters using her photos and adding illustrated elements. Most of the artwork I created for this project had to be duplicated in parts so that DP Caroline Troedsson could shoot the actor “creating” the artwork. Just think of it as a 90’s cookingshow on daytime TV where the chef mixes some ingredients, but also has a pre-baked pie ready to go out of the oven to save some time. I mainly used ink for the illustrations but I managed to work with stencils, spraypaint and acrylics as well.

This was a fun challenge because it touches on a somewhat sensitive subject. I had a lot of freedom but at the same time I had to bare in mind that there are cultural differenses at play, and that the art I created for this project has a powerful voice of its own. Another challenge was to find creative ways in which to make sure the actor had enough “half-baked” art to work with without giving him the same steps to work with. The project is still in production but from what I heard the shoot with the artwork went well. Below are some setphotos taken by Sarah during the shoot. You can (and should!) check out her bag of mixed goods here.

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