I shot a wedding.


I know. I said I’d never do it, but then again I’ve also said “never say never” more than once in my life. I’ve known the bride for a couple of years (we used to work in a bakery together way back when) and when she asked me to film her wedding, I said I’d do it. So about three weeks back, I stood there, gear in hand. Weddings are not my strong side unless I’m having a drink there as a guest, so I was kind of covering new, somewhat uncomfortable ground here; especially since the weddingvideo-biz has skyrocketed these last few years (and everybody has a DSLR ready to go). I think I captured the essence of the day though, and learned a thing or two along the way. Big thanks Pauline and Marcus for having me! Here goes…

This video was shot using the Black Magic Micro Cinema Camera, a DJI Mavic Pro and edited in Da Vinci Resolve.

Chunky Funk – The promo!


This is a promo-video I shot together with local six person band Chunky Funk a few weeks back. I really fell for the 90’s MTV vibe with all the colors mixed with a slick “larger than life” rooftop-session. The band can be booked both in parts or in its full form and that’s something we tried to convey in the video. And I’m always up for cheezy transitions so when the singer Gustav pitched the idea of going “hole to hole” (mouth to sax), I was sold.

Check out the band’s brand new Instagram here and help them get the followers up!

Gåsebäck gets its own beer! (And it’s way limited)

Illustrator, Photoshop

It must have been several years ago since Micke Hagström first coined the name for an imaginary beer with connections to my favourite spot in town called Gåsebäck. This is the place where we shot our webseries Fredagsmys, and beer was a big piece of that puzzle. We tried to push a bit for it but nothing really happened. It stayed an unrealized dream for a while longer.

During the performance-art spectacle “En safari i smutsen” I sent out invites in beerbottles labeled “Gåsebärs” (Goosebrew) which had to be smashed in order to get the invite out.

Recently I came into contact with a local brewery thanks to a friend with good ears. She mentioned the idea to Helsingborgs Benchwarmers Brewing Co and they gave me the chance to come up with the design. Quickly I might add. The beer is a citra hop IPA, and I wanted to incorporate that into the colors of the design. I didn’t want to go down the obvious route and put a big goose on the lable (Gåsebäck roughly translates to “Gooscreek”). Instead I wanted to mirror the underground art and culture which resides in Gåsebäck. The area sometimes gives me the occasional DDR-vibes, so I tried to remember how some of the German beerbottles in my grandpas basement used to look.

I used Adobe Dimension to create a mockup for the ad and went all in with ice, splashes and condensation.

The beer will only be available during a local festival at Gåsebäck 14th – 16th of June. It’s a limited edition of 300 cans, after that, they’re gone. Designing a beerlabel has been on my bucketlist for quite some time now and even if this one doesn’t hit the stores, I’ve got a feeling the next one just might. Let’s just say this put something in motion…

This cheesy poster will hopefully get the festivalgoers thirsty enough to try it out.

Thanks for staying with me, and a big thank you to RAW Print & Design for making this happen on such short notice!

The Demtones may sound retro – but they’re not retired yet!

Photography, Photoshop

I’ve been raving about The Demtones ever since they first hired me to design a logo for them. We’re further down the road now and I wanted to show you a few photos I got during the videoshoot for “What you got to lose”. The video was shot and directed by MW visual media and parts of it, in a set dressed as a room where a grandma would feel at home.

The video for “What you got to lose” was shot at the old direstation, Gåsebäck.

I really dig the sound coming from these guys and it goes hand in hand with my passion for retro colorpalettes and designs. These images serve as social media content and pressimages.

Curious about the video? Check it out here!

How to: Loopable frame by frame animation.

Animation, Film

I’m back in Malmö studying Visual communication again. I took a break for a year (6 months at home with kids, 6 months studying Experimental mediaproduction). One of our startup assignments was to create a loopable 5 – 10 sec animation which can be used as a digital businesscard, or as a creative element in your E-mail signature.

After Effects project footage.

I filmes myself on a rotation chair going around full circle with, and without a rabbits mask. I used a dissolvetransition between the takes and ended up with a loopable video. After that, I simply (actually this is the tedious part), sketched around my face in After Effects with my Wacom Intuos board.

24 frames per second, using the brushtool. On export i ticked the box “paint on transparent” in the Effects panel and job done. I could have easily used 12 FPS instead to save some time but since I painted every frame of the video I got som really nice organic details.

Final export.

The Neural Networks Project – A documentation of binaural soundcapture & immersive theatre.

Audio, DIY-builds and hacks, Film, Projectionmapping

I’m currently taking a six month long course at Malmö Univerity called Experimental Mediaproduction. A week ago me and my group performed the outcome of two weeks hard work. This documentary about the project explains it way better than I do, and I’m sure watching beats reading in this case. I must add that this probably is my favourite project I’ve been involved in since starting my studies in Malmö. If you make it to the end – let me know!

The cinematic Passage-trailer.


This summer I will be documenting two festivals, the ArtstreetHBG graffitifestival, and the Passage street theatre festival. I was lucky to have the same job last summer so I’m really excited about the possibilities for great and unique footage. These last few weeks I’ve been busy creating the PR-videos for the festivals using the material I shot last year. Two of the six videos even made it to the cinema (Röda Kvarn, Helsingborg). This is why I had the chance to play around a bit with the trailerformat for both festivals.

Passagefestival takes place during the 27th July and 4th of August in both Helsingborg and Helsingör and I’ll be responsible for the documentation both here at home and in Denmark. You can view the cinematic Passage-trailer below.

Urban decay at Stralsund Hauptbahnhof.


On a recent trip to Germany I came across the abandoned part of the Stralsund train station. Getting in was quite a hassle, which resulted in a torn pair of pants, and I didn’t want to stay for too long since my visit took place in the afternoon. But nevertheless I managed to get some photos around the old “Lok-Schuppen” (workshops for repairs and storage of locomotives) before it was time to leave. Sadly almost every entrance to the buildings was welded shut. It seems the only way in nowadays is through one of the smashed windows on the rooftops but with my already torn pants, I thought it might be better to take it somewhat easy. I’ve seen some photos from the inside online, and it’s marvelous. Maybe someone else will luck out after me. Enjoy the photos.

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